Looks like stone, Feels like stone, Made from stone

Cultured Stone is created by master craftsmen who select the best textures, sizes and shapes from the finest natural stones. Cultured Stone is cast in molds made from these stones and finished in a process that replicates existing colors and textures with meticulous detail. Each color and texture has its own blend of ingrediants: Portland cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Even on close examination, these manufactured stones look and feel just like the originals.

Cultured Stone is sized and shaped for quick, easy installation, and is so light in weight that it needs no additional foundation or support. Average thickness is 1 3/4". Cultured Stone is durable and colorfast indoors and out, and is covered by a 30 year limited warranty.

Copy, content, and pictures are taken from Cultured Stone Design Solutions 3.